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Maybe it’s patience, maybe it’s being alone with ourselves, or maybe it’s being self conscious. Wait.. those are mine. You have your own though, too. What are they? Don’t be scared to address these areas. Sure, once you start thinking about them you will realize more and more that you aren’t good at them. It might bug you a little bit when you realize the mistakes you are making. But that’s a good thing because now that you know you can fix them. I am constantly fixing areas of my life that I am not satisfied with. I talked about “Declaring War on Myself” for 2012 and so far I have been doing a pretty good job: a lot of change, a lot of learning, and a lot of growth.

What is your “I Suck @” List?

Here’s a quick (and seemingly obvious) list of how to stop sucking:

  1. Make a List
  2. Be Brutally Honest with yourself
  3. Ask others to be Brutally Honest with you
  4. Get a crystal-clear picture of the specific weakness
  5. Make a Plan to Improve
  6. Follow the Plan
  7. Repeat
  8. Repeat
  9. Repeat

Now go stop sucking.

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