Success is succ-SEX

Succ-SEXYou know in the movies when the two teenage characters finally have sex for the first time and it’s magical, romantic, and beautiful?  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Think Twilight. Now remember how your first time wasn’t like that at all? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t smooth, and it wasn’t anywhere close to fairy-tale love making.

“Well, that wasn’t like the movies. Never trying that again.”

No, it wasn’t pretty but you’re in the game! You started. You tried. Even though you struck out you’re playing the game and you are going to get better.

That’s success. The first time you try something should be a failure.  It should be all wrong because you don’t know what you are doing. But you keep trying, keep failing. Fail as much as you can while the consequences are still small. After a failure, look back, figure out how to not make the same mistakes, then try it again.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly, at first.”

After your first time having sex you just don’t stop. Hell no, you’d be crazy. Instead, you try it again. You practice, you learn and you improve.

Scared to BangFailing is BAD!

We live in a “Scared to Fail Bang” culture where failing is BAD and TERRIBLE, DON’T FAIL!

We are raised in a society that tells us failure is a bad thing. “Don’t get bad test grades, don’t fail classes, don’t fail because it looks bad.” The idea that failure is bad is constantly reinforced throughout our educational lives.

The opposite is true: Not failing is bad.

If you’re not failing your not trying hard enough. Your not pushing your comfort zone, your not risking, your not living. A quick search into history and it’s easy to uncover huge failures from hugely successful people. Those that accomplished the most are also the ones that failed the most.

One key to success: Failing.

Try, fail. Repeat. Repeat. Small success. Fail, fail, fail. Repeat. Bigger success. Keep going. Keep learning and slowly your failures will start to look like successes. But you have to start failing, start taking risks, and start learning.

Now drop your pants and don’t be scared to bang!

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