“Do right and study”

Thoughts from Action Catalyst

“Therefore, my son, if you wish to please me, and to bring success and honour to yourself, do right and study, because others will help you if you help yourself.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Here’s what this quote means: be yourself and continually progress.

A person that has true passion, who follows their heart, and invests in learning clearly separates themselves from the average masses. When interacting with such individuals, it is obvious they are on fire, pursuing a dream. And because it is so obvious, others will help them on their path towards accomplishment.

By others, I mean those who possess that same passion and drive for success, who understand the struggle of fighting for dreams. These people are willing to give a hand UP, because they know it will be used and genuinely appreciated.

Here’s what the quote does not mean: be fake and be good enough.

Help won’t find you if you fake the drive, fake the learning, and look for a hand OUT.

The imitation is obvious. The stagnation is clearly visible. Don’t even try asking for help.

Instead: Trust yourself, progress your passion, and fuel your fire. You are helping yourself and others will then help you.


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