I’m a Selfish Asshole

Why You Need to Be Selfish I recently came to the realization that I am very selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-seeking, and self-serving. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it, how I want to. I am pretty extremely wrapped up in myself and my life. I handle myself first, look out for myself, prioritize my interests.

I’m all about me. You should be, too.

As a young adult trying to figure out your life, you need to be SELFISH.

The Background

“I’m all about ‘I’. Give the rest of the vowels back.” Lil Wayne

“Wow, this guy is a self absorbed asshole. He is a coach?”

I coach because I love it. I love talking to people. I love helping people see something they can’t see themselves. I love helping people achieve. I love it. And at the root, that’s why I started Action Catalyst. Because I love seeing people’s fire, fueling people’s fire, and helping others find the fire. All of those are selfish reasons.

But here’s what is bad ass about what I do: What I love to do helps others. And the more vigorously I pursue what I love the more people I will help.

If I talk to people, meet people, and help people because I love it, yes, it’s selfish, but at the same time I am doing something that changes lives, makes an impact, and in a sense is unselfish.

Real World Application

Do what you love and follow your passions and it will help others.

If you love poetry and want to write for yourself because it makes you happy, eventually people will like your poetry and benefit from the beauty.

If you love business and only want to build start ups for personal gratification, eventually you will create a product that will make people’s lives better.

If you love (fill in the blank) and you fully pursue (said blank) then you will help others by (finish the sentence.)

(The exceptions are crazy ideas like killing people. Don’t go there…)

You will make a bigger impact being selfish, figuring out what you love, and doing that selfishly than working a job you hate, donating to charity, and volunteering all wrapped into one.

You not finding what you love benefits no one. Not you. Not the homeless. Not the starving kids in Africa. You sitting behind a desk and following rules helps no one. It probably hurts more people than it helps.

So stop being so un-selfish and start caring about yourself: Figure out what you love and go do that selfishly.

(The other side is committing fully to others and finding yourself in the process. Experiment?)

_ _ _

With this being said, this is the start of a new direction for Action Catalyst. I am now offering 50 ONE-ONE Action Assemblies FOR FREE. I love talking to people, I love helping people navigate obstacles, and I love fueling the fire. I am dropping all of the facade and going back to the basics of why I started Action Catalyst. Click here for more details.

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