Running in (the right) Circles

Who Are You Hanging Out With?

Bad company corrupts (but good company does the opposite).

Corrupt is defined as “cause to become morally depraved.” That’s harsh.

What’s the antonym of corrupt? Improve, inspire, make better? The thesaurus doesn’t give quite an antonym that really captures the exact opposite of corrupt.

Association has a huge impact on the entire group and if unchecked, it can capitalize on the fear, misdirection, and misaligned unity of the whole. Often no one is willing to stand out and stand up for their beliefs, leaving the entire group to drift towards what nobody wants. This results in the group moving further and further away from the original destination while pulling the members further away, as well.

The opposite is true, though, thankfully. Surrounding yourself with people who are further along in their journey towards their established direction can help inspire you to move in that same direction as well. They will encourage you, inspire you, and assist you in avoiding and overcoming obstacles. Having mentors who are strong, experienced, and passionate has a big impact on your direction and destination.

The characteristics of the group wear off on you. Do you want to be like those people? Think carefully because you will end up like those you follow.

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