People Are Scared to Have Fun

I haven’t been writing much because, well, I’ve been living. Yes, that’s an excuse, a bad one, and I hate excuses so it’s more appropriate to say that I haven’t made writing for Action Catalyst a priority.Which is a shame because I have been doing some pretty awesome stuff, mainly Big Ass Canvas. Go check it out, it’s a bad ass project for killing time between now and leaving for Europe.

Travis, my cohort in making Big Ass Canvas awesome, and I have been promoting the hell out this experiment and in the process we have met a few people. Quite a few. In one way or another we initiate conversations with a wide spectrum of Austinites, especially attractive girls. Big Ass Canvas events always come up, as well as other events we like to attend around town and we are constantly inviting people out to do awesome things with us. Yet, we’ve found it incredibly difficult to round up people.

Here’s what we realized: People are scared to have fun.

Or more precisely: scared of new, out of the ordinary, committing, not committing, risking, pushing their comfort zone, or  being considered weird.

Here are a few excuses that people use to escape having fun:

  • Too much money
  • “Who all is going to be there? Will I have a big group (for safety in numbers)?”
  • How will others perceive me?
  • I’m scared of new people
  • I don’t want to come out of my comfort zone
  • What if it’s not fun and I waste my time?

Under all these first level excuses is the fear, of something. 

So next time you are asked to attend something unique and you find yourself making a weak excuse, imagine me yelling, “BULLSHIT” in your face. Then drop the excuse, face the fear, and go do it anyway.


This post marks the first of “A Post a Day”. They will be short and imperfect but consistent. We will see what happens.


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