Quit My 6 Figure Job, Traveled the World, and Started an Online Business (NOT)

Image of MoneyJust kidding: I didn’t have to make those extreme, life altering decisions. And I won’t have to.


Because I learned from those before me not to follow a path that would result in a dead end.

I looked at the multitudes of people who followed someone else’s path only to end up hating their job, life, or both. I talked with more experienced friends about their realization that their life isn’t anything how they want it to be. I listened to Joshua Millburn, Paul Hagey, and Graham Wasilition tell me to follow my heart and go my own direction. After all the insight, I thought:

Why not start living the life I truly want, now?”

Why should I go down a path that is proven to suck, to be unsatisfactory, and to lead to an unhappy existence? I can take a proactive approach, learn how to avoid the pitfalls others experienced, and plan my life instead of letting it causally unfold.

The Problem

We live in a time when mediocrity, dissatisfaction, and apathy are rampant.

The 9-5 desk job hasn’t paid off like it was supposed to (and how it paid off in the past). Working the “money job” for a few years just to make money quickly doesn’t seem like such a good idea. And working a job just to pay bills is draining lives of fire across the U.S. More and more people are leaving corporate, long hour, desk jobs to pursue the life they truly want.

Job that sucks >  Not Following Passions > Unhappiness > Boring lives

Do you want to live like that?

Here’s what you can do about it:

Don’t go down that path.

Seriously. Save yourself the trouble by being proactive about figuring out your path. Now, don’t wait. You’re in your lower 20’s with support from your parents, maybe going to college, with the whole world ahead of you. You’re options are limitless. You can accomplish ANYTHING. Before you jump into a path because someone else thinks it’s a good idea, think it through and see where it will lead YOU.

I’m sure it feels amazing to quit a job that completely blows, to go on an extended, mid-life crisis vacation, or start pursuing a long buried passion. But why go through the misery and suffering prior to accomplishing these feats?

Why not start now start living your live, now?

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