A Little More about Action Catalyst

About Action Catalyst

The website is live. The traffic is flowing in. And now it all starts.

Soon “Thoughts” will be constantly updated with new ideas, people will be contributing to the conversation, and young adults will ask themselves the tough questions needed to take action.

And Action Catalyst will spread.

Small flames will be enrolling in “Figuring $#!T Out!” in order to determine their next steps. People will be calling, seeking outside perspective on their obstacles. And there will be a movement of people pushing themselves to look up and think big.

But what is the overall goal?

Why did I spend the last 4 months putting together this website, creating content, and spreading the ideas? Why aren’t I doing what most other college-age kids are doing, relaxing during the summer, enjoying the free time, and living easily? Why am I up early in the mornings and late at night trying to improve this company?

I am doing this for you. I am doing this to help you see what you might not see inside yourself: the ability to accomplish, the opportunity to succeed, the option of living your life how you want to live.

There are big changes happening in our world today and sometimes in the college bubble, young adults can be the last ones to fully understand what these changes. Jobs are disappearing, for good, meaning they are not coming back. Competition for jobs is becoming more saturated. Just getting a college degree means nothing (and it is quickly meaning less and less). Your next employer wants to know who you are, how can you help, and what will you contribute above and beyond the other 300 resumes he’s looked at with your exact same credentials. (That’s if you want a job)

Being dispensable is a dangerous thing. Fitting into the system, becoming a pawn, and following the rules will no longer get you to the place you want to go.

For you to live your life according to how you want, it will take action, perseverance, and continued progress. It takes time. Success won’t be a one-button quick fix. It won’t come easily (like the media has made us believe). But it is possible, with work, with focus, with vision.

That’s why I created this site:  to help you find your vision, your path, and to help launch you on your journey full speed.

I can’t take you all the way. No one can. I can’t guarantee your success. No one can. I can’t push you to live. No one can. Only you can. You have to stoke your fire, you have to keep pushing, you have to want your life. If that’s what you want, I can help you get started.

Action catalyst is here to give you outside perspective on your situation, give you the environment to grow, and then give you that initial push to launch. That’s the mission here. To help fuel your fire and get you started on a lifelong journey pursuing meaning.

So, how can I help?

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