I’m Leaving the US (forever?)

Zach is traveling the world and he might not ever come back.In roughly 3 months I’m leaving the United States for Pamplona, Spain, the first step in my two years of world travel. Hell yeah you heard me right.

Around early July I will be leaving the U.S. and quite possibly not returning for two years. The details? There aren’t many. Starting in Pamplona, then: who knows. For how long?  Not sure.

I have no major destinations, no have-to-visit countries, no real plans.


  • I’m 22
  • To see how people live differently around the world
  • It will pay off more in the long run than anything else I can do
  • To learn about myself
  • Experience life outside of my comfort zone
  • Learn about entrepreneurship around the world
  • Show that taking a big risk is not completely unreasonable (and to encourage it)
  • To learn how I can apply various cultural lessons in my life
  • To question cultural values
  • To put myself in really hard situations
  • Support change for those that want it

But most importantly: I can’t not do this.

I have to go on this trip to explore, learn, grow, meet people, and travel. If I don’t do it now when I have no debt, no obligations, and no real excuses then I might never do it.

The excuses are few, the reasons are infinite.

Recently I was talking with my friend Austin Gunter and he helped me realize I am not sacrificing anything but instead I am stepping into an unknown. I really don’t know what will happen but I know that once I take the first step, the journey will start to reveal itself. July I am taking the first step.

The Evolution of the Trip

Paul Hagey once told me about his trip to Mexico, riding his bike through the city, exploring everything it had to offer, learning the culture. Ever since hearing him describe the experience I knew I had to do the same, to take off, to travel on my own, to explore the world. It took a few false starts but eventually this trip started coming together.

Why not stay over there? Why do I need to come back? Why limit myself? I am a European citizen meaning I can work and live in the EU. World travel costs somewhere between $14,000 and $18,000, I can save that. The more I read the more reasonable and accomplish-able the trip became.

I still have to buy my ticket, finalize my packing list, and sell/donate a few more items, but the trip is around the corner.

More Details about the Goal

There is no goal. I am not making  plans for the trip (maybe a few). Instead, I am creating a 3 topic theme:

Learn and Grow-

I’m 22 and I have a lot to learn about living, about real life around the world. I want to learn from different cultures, from different backgrounds, from different histories, from different economic statuses. I don’t want to simply mimic the traditional American approach. I want to form my own opinions, learn for myself and develop my own understanding of the world.

I didn’t go to college and have been self taught in my education, so this is the next step to in my educational journey.

Adventure –

I want to have crazy stories. I want to risk. Live on the edge. Tip-toe the line of danger. I want to throw it all to the wind, to put it on the line, to live and love without worry. I want to live a life from the movies, from the classic songs, from the biographies of the greats. I want to have stories, amazing stories.

Contribute –

I’m going to live a life full of pursuit, adventure, and experiences. And I want to share it. I am a big believer in learning from the experiences of others. Also being inspired them. That’s the fire of Action Catalyst. The fire of inspiration and ambition can be used to fuel the fire in others. I started Action Catalyst to share my experiences, my mistakes, and my successes with you in order to inspire and encourage you to break out and push yourself to take action.

Approaching Thoughts

I’m not really scared. I’m not really nervous. As the trip approaches, I’m sure hints of this will start to pop up but overall, I’m ready. Why? Because this is just another step in my story. It feels right, it has to happen, it’s inevitable.

It’s the next step in my life that I am mapping out for myself.

There’s no reason to be scared of what comes next, it’s not moving forward that should be scary.

What happens if it doesn’t work out?

There is no failure because the whole trip is a success.

The whole experience is a success: I can’t fail. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be little failures along the way: there definitely will be. But they all add up to a successful journey. Why should I be worried about something that is a guaranteed success?

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