Graham Wasilition

Everything iGraham Wasilition n life is about balance. Most of us are in a spot to manage this balance, using it to our advantage without even realizing it. I have been lucky enough to experiment with both participating in and pushing the status quo at a young age.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with an Engineering degree and a great job. I was comfortable, getting more comfortable as time went by. This “comfortable” feeling was nice but scary because I was stable but not doing something I was passionate about. Even though I was young with limited experience I knew that time would only make it harder and harder to actively change my path. A large salary, home ownership, and a family are blessings but seemed like they could become professional hurdles. This is why I chose to act early, before the inertial snowball of life overwhelmed me, and dive head first into the entrepreneurial world.

I wanted to combine some things I really enjoyed with some things that I thought I might excel at. I researched, learned, contacted, tasted, touched, breathed, discussed, and imagined as many industries as I could, finally choosing an industry which overlapped my interests and skills. Over time I ended up formulating a plan (that was constantly changing), putting together a team, a company, investors, permits, supply chain, and eventually brought a successful product to market.

I am still, and might always be, in a little over my head. However, it pushes and motivates me to work harder so I can feel good about what I have accomplished and what is on the horizon. I still am looking for that perfect balance but I am glad that at least I have proven that I can have an influence on it. I’ve stood on many peoples’ shoulders to reach for my dreams because no one can do it alone. In the process I realized that accomplishing dreams can be as simple as believing they can happen, testing our balance boundaries, and pushing the snowball in a different direction.


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