Fueling the Fire

Fueling Your Fire

 Everybody has a fire inside that pushes them to accomplish something, to move forward, to be someone.

This fire doesn’t grow or burn without fuel and finding fuel can be difficult.

Sometimes fuel comes from friends or family. Sometimes the opposite happens and friends or family want to put out what you are seeking to fuel.

Fires come in all different sizes. Sometimes people do not even know they have a fire, neglecting to build it. Others might know inside somewhere there is a small flame but do not try to find and grow it. Some have small fires while others are a blaze. Some are pouring gasoline on the fire while others are covering it.

I created Action Catalyst to help you burn your fire, to pursue your ambition, to accomplish your goals.

When I talk with someone that has a fire burning so brightly that I can see it in their eyes and feel it in their energy, it’s infectious.

The fire spreads, igniting those around. The small fires get bigger and big fires are flared even more. It’s encouraging and empowering to enjoy the company of those on fire because those are the people that are making things happen. Alive. Living. In the moment. Pursuing.

People that are on fire can have a huge impact on the world.

People pay attention to forest fires, not the small fire pits.

Forest fires spread. The same spread happens with people.  Those that are almost there, almost know what they want, almost on their path, these are the ones that need to see the fire burning. When they don’t get the encouragement, direction, and assistance, they fade away and the fire begins to go out, to dim.

Action Catalyst was created to help you burn your fire, to surround you with other fires, and to encourage you to pass on the flame. I want to help people follow that fire, that passion, that LIFE. Too many people don’t.

Too many people follow others advice, follow “the way it should be”, follow the easy. I want to change that, to encourage people to take the road less traveled, the more difficult, the experience. Start figuring it out now. I want to help you BURN! Then, maybe you can set someone else on fire.

Let me help you burn,



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