“Don’t Care” Update

At the beginning of November I decided to push myself to stop caring what others think of me, to be more myself, and to put myself in situations that force me to disregard self-consciousness. Needless to say, it was a crazy month of personal growth!

Out of all my personal development history, the choice to stop caring has resulted in the biggest and quickest growth.

Here are a few of the big changes that happened as a result of this decision. I did not anticipate for the effects to range across so many areas of my life, but I’m not complaining:


  • Being completely comfortable in whatever clothes I have on, where ever.
  • Disregarding some idiots drunken insults about my actions / attire in a bar in D.C.
  • Second-guessing my initial reactions to first impressions of other people’s appearances, actions, or behavior.
  • Instead of reacting, making a conscious decision to laugh off an “angry old woman middle finger”.
  • Being completely fine in public with a dirty, pathetic attempt at “No-Shave November.”
  • Being able to handle criticism and insults because, honestly, there’s just some people whose opinion does not matter (in response to this Thought)


  • Focusing more on poses in yoga with out regard to how it looks.
  • Jamming while working out and not worrying about what others think.
  • “Ommmm”-ing louder in yoga.


  • Saying what I want to say immediately when it comes to mind, without holding it in for mental revision.
  • Giving compliments because I want to, not because I want to elicit a certain response.
  • Publishing “Thoughts”, tweets, and Facebook updates without fearing repercussions.
  • Increasing the rate at which I am narrowing down my “friends list”.


  • Stopping to consider why I feel / think a certain way.
  • Being able to stop mid thought to re-evaluate my thinking process.
  • Being better at discerning between personal thoughts and externally influenced thoughts


  • I was able to go out downtown one night to have a great time despite being dressed in a terribly unfashionable outfit
  • I have drastically reduced how contained and calm I try to appear in public, i.e. yelling, talking to more people, and being more outgoing

I also realized that this decision has tried to emerge many times before, lying in the subconscious, holding back for the perfect time to break through. I am a firm believer that everything happens at the right time.

I cannot guarantee the same immediate changes I have experienced, but starting (or starting to try) to not care is a huge step, one that will lead to immense growth in many areas of your life.

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