Destination and Direction

I don't know where I'm Going
Direction is made up of small Destinations.

A Destination is an objective that is reachable in the next 5 months or year. Some examples include landing a desired job, taking some precarious steps in a new direction, or beginning a new venture. This is a concrete goal, one that can be definitely reached in a certain amount of time.

Typically, when working with people, the Destinations takes the form of a major step in that person’s life. It is not simply getting a better grade in a class or increasing athletic output. These are all achievable through correct goal setting methods and a solid action plan.

The Destination that I encourage people to reach for is something bigger, something that will get take them to a whole new level of their journey towards a meaningful life. A step in line with the long term vision, not just the next few years. Examples would include launching a new initiative, taking on a large project, or (taking many successive small steps towards accomplishing a goal)

Then there is Direction. Direction is different because it entails not the first destination or even the next few checkpoints but the decades long journey towards a certain way of life. Direction includes all of the short term destinations along with some long term destinations in line with that person’s definition of a meaningful life. The long term direction is crucial in order to act accordingly with the correct short term destinations.

This is where it gets hard because finding a direction can take a long time. But a destination is required in order to live a life of meaning.

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