“Chase Your Passions”

“Chase your passions and the money will come. Chase money and you’ll be lucky to ever find your passions.” Colin Wright

It’s cliche. You’ve been told a million times. You’re tired of hearing it: follow your dreams, not your wallet. Got it.

But do you really understand the importance of the choice between money and passion? Have you explored all the questions that accompany this seemingly simple decision? Or better, have you tried answering them? How much have you thought about the two options?

There lies the problem: most people don’t think about the crucial decision between money and passion. It is a key thought that almost everybody needs to explore, yet few do.

Why don’t people think about it? Answering the question is too difficult, so most people pass.

It takes a HUGE amount of introspection, questioning, and self-evaluation to come up with a TRUE, personal answer.  It’s a major choice because of the many different factors that have to be considered. The answer results in far reaching implications that affect many aspects of life.

And because it is so difficult, many people don’t exert the conscious effort to explore the question and form their own answer.

They take the easy road of not exploring the question, which inevitably leads away from pursuing their passion.

(Just finished Colin’s book, My Exile Lifestyle: Encouraged read if you are facing choices regarding taking risks and pursuing passions: most of us are. Oh, and its only $2.99)

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