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Brian Boitmann for Action CatalystI came to the University of Texas with no idea where my story was going.  I knew I wanted to do something I was passionate about and I knew I wanted to live out my faith in Christ but I had no idea where this would take me.

My path became a little clearer when, in the midst of working on my graduate work,  I had the common experience of discovering that my friend owned some items that I had just bought but didn’t really need; items I would only use infrequently or for short periods of time. He then made the joke that I shouldn’t have wasted my money by buying when he would have gladly let me borrow instead.  That idea soon set the basis for Acts of Sharing:

So much of what we need is easily available through our network of friends and if we only knew that others were looking for these items, most of us would willingly share our possessions.

After building out a business plan through a course at UT, I started taking the idea of “loving your neighbor” to friends and potential investors.  One of them pointed me to Acts 4:32.  “All the believers were one in heart and soul.  And one claimed anything was his own, but they shared everything they had.”  Acts of Sharing was born that day in La Madeline Cafe, because you go where the potential investor wants to go.

We’ve been through two rounds of funding.  And I’ve been blessed to be able to take hold of my passion to create and literally share what I believe with others.  I’ve met more incredible people and have learned more about myself since Acts of Sharing launched than I did throughout all of my experience at the University of Texas.  It’s daunting, tiring and has made me question myself over and over again, but it has also forced me to think and work and trust God more than I ever had to before.  Being able to demonstrate that by thinking of others as much as ourselves, we are better off, is too incredible of a discovery for me to ignore.

Take hold of what you care about and run with it now.  Life’s much too short to wait for later.

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Brian Boitmann is the Founder and Chief Sharer at Acts of Sharing. Follow Acts of Sharing on Twitter or Start Sharing Here.

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