As part of my 2012 Theme, I want to focus on doing what I love by getting back to the basics of why I started Action Catalyst. To start this off I am now offering 50 FREE ONE-ONE Action Assemblies.

I love helping young adults ask the tough questions and make the decisions to move towards success. I like fueling people’s fires.

I started Action Catalyst because I love talking with people about their passions, their fire, and their ambition and now it’s time to focus purely on these reasons by sitting down in coffee shops to talk about life, the future, and how to live successfully.

50 FREE ONE-ONE Action Assemblies

50 FREE 1-1 Coaching MeetingsHave you read some Thoughts and wanted to ask me a question? Have you wondered if I could help you work through some obstacles? Do you want to start something big? Or do you just want to learn more about Action Catalyst in person?

This is your time to take advantage of FREE COACHING. This offer will only last for 50 meetings so take advantage of it while you can!

It can be coffee, a phone call, or a run around town lake. Let’s get together, talk, and see where we can work to figure out how to accelerate your life of success. Just fill in the boxes below and I will get back with you to set up a good time to meet!

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Please share with friends, you never know who could use a little help in overcoming obstacles towards a successful life!

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